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3 Cost Effective Ways You Can Try to Boost Your Social Startups

  1. Digital platforms

All due credits to digitalization where some social platforms are proven revolutionary for efficient communication to the masses. For achieving good social media engagement, the tools are quality content, visuals, case studies etc. These platforms can bestow real time intelligence on your target audience behaviour with no need for costly and time wasting market research. And if you cannot go DIY with this, you can hire an advertising agency company to handle such aspects for you.

  1. Public relations

PR tends to influence the influencer and is one of the tools that can bring credibility to your company where the social startups and implementation agencies pay heed to. When you find the right agency on the basis of your target group, it is the best thing ever. Create a good rapport with them. It may take some time, but always comes in handy in long term.

  1. Build relations

Personal relationships can lead to long term associations that can help you ride via the volatile market. Constructive criticism always comes in handy later. The value sharing has led customers offering to solicit deliveries from the warehouse to keeping cost of logistics low and environmentally friendly.

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