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Web Technology within the next five years

1. Magazines inside a more interactive format

Some experts question whether most print magazines is going to be around within the next five years. Every week it appears another magazine closes. With cellular devices and social media fully able to deliver great content while we are on the run what niches do magazines serve? That does not mean we will not have magazines within the next 5 years, just that almost all them is going to be online.

There’s a particular audience that also likes to achieve the printed material within their hands but because there’s much more of a requirement for digital and mobile material it does not accumulate, from the cost perspective, to help keep printing the magazines when it is cheaper to create them within an interactive format.

2. Social Media continuously progress and obtain bigger

Some believe social media went about so far as sometimes it can go yet others think will still be in the infancy. I believe there’s still room to develop and progress. Niche social systems continuously grow. For almost every niche you are able to consider there is a social networking for this and when there is not you may expect you will see later on. Many organizations and corporations are establishing social networks for his or her clients. Some have been successful yet others have unsuccessful. In either case there’s still lots of room for improvement with the way forward for social media and just how they connect with organizations and companies.

More companies are planning on how you can leverage and implement Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to their corporate social media presence. Some predict that the Facebook ID will end up as essential as your license or social security information.

Firms that embrace these social media platforms have a better knowledge of how you can meet their customer’s needs. There is a company known as Radian6, that is a business leader in social media monitoring, measurement, and engagement that enables you to definitely listen and follow all of your customer’s social media platforms. It enables you to definitely monitor, measure and interact your clients with what they’re saying and the way to use the information to create your business more effective. For those who have understanding of what your customer’s needs are, you’ll have a better chance to become effective in striving to satisfy individuals needs.

3. Web-based Os’s could be more prominent

While our computers will still store files on the local systems, it’s predicted our os’s will more and more depend on Web-based files. Google’s Chrome OS appears is the first serious contender. For personal computers and laptops it will require much more time to completely transition to some web-based operating-system due to the fact users run better quality apps and programs, for example Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Illustrator, etc. that will take much more time to create completely functional online because of the quantity of memory and speed which they have to operate.

4. More Online “TV” Programs

Online series and programs have acquired wide viewership within the last one to two years. Webisodes also have grown in recognition, that are small-instances of popular Television shows which are aired solely online. Several informative video blogs will be in production for some time, for example TreeHugger TV and CNET TV.

With video technology becoming more and more cheaper and simpler for along with broadband Internet access increasingly prevalent, high-quality, Internet-only programs will end up more widespread within the next 5 years.

Even today we are able to connect our computers and our gaming devices to the TV’s watching online programs in addition to streaming them through TV. With Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and iTunes gaining elevated recognition, online Television programs continuously increase.

I understand this does not genuinely have anything related to printing, but I believed it was awesome anyway!


QR codes, PURL’s (Personalized URL’s) and mobile marketing will have to be implemented by printing companies to stick with the occasions and become competitive. For printers, involved in and selling marketing services for example e-newsletters, web design, personalized URLS’s and social media services for their clients is going to be answer to being competitive. Because the printer already helps provide the marketing message for that client, the simple transition is so that you can possess the printer take proper care of the marketing side too. Getting these types of services available might be important to their future success.

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